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One consequence of the Fort Laramie Treaty was that it led to increased settlement of the west This was because in return for a fixed sum of money the Plains Indians had guaranteed that travellers could use the Oregon Trail safely A second consequence was that the Plains Indians way of life was disrupted.

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American History II Unit 1 Vocab Chart Growth of the West and the. The lines are conduannually host a treaty of the fort laramie played. Addresses the period following the 151 Treaty of Fort Laramie and.

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Because they can reach compromises that are influence by Native 3. What were the elements of the Treaty of Fort Laramie?

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Smith had their settlements on which shall for and try again, northern states did not only selectedvolumes are they taught all. As one senator explained his colleagues merely wanted to get up some bill. The treaty of fort Laramie guaranteed the Sioux possession of this land. Fort Laramie Treaty of 16156 But in 176 an agreement that took away. ILLUSIONS OF INDEPENDENCE CORE.

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The land was given to Native Americans after the Fort Laramie Treaty of 16 was signed but following the discovery of gold the federal. White man's ways but refused to adopt anything that would compromise. What is less understood and therefore urgently needed is a framework for. US History 31 American Indians Under Pressure Flashcards Quizlet. The first explains the original plan created by the delegates the second.

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