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Braking Distance If a forklift is traveling 7 miles per hour it can take the operator approximately 16 feet to stop the vehicle completely in an emergency Increase that speed to 9 mph and it can take more than 21 feet to stop.

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OSHA states the pedestrian has the right of way therefore operators must be on constant alert The forklift operator is required to slow down and sound their horn at doorways intersections blind spots and when entering or exiting a building.

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Some forklifts also have a clutch which allows shifting into higher forward gears The inching pedal gives the operator more control of the forklift in tight places See Steering Turning and Changing Direction for more information on using inch pedals.

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The forklift license cost will be determined by the course you are looking to take So if you want to take the basic forklift course you can expect to pay around 600 Conversion courses cost will be determined by the type of truck but on average you can expect to pay around 500 to 600.

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